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I am a Human. I'm not very stong and I find myself alone a lot, and being small, and vunerable, well, I'm basically a walking meal for anything hungry. I have a few good pals who protect me, but sometimes they are not around, and I...get scared. Some of the Preds say that fear and weakness make me taste better...

My Birthday is March 4th.

I specialize in writing.
I am eager and very excited to Roleplay with anyone.
And I'm getting better at art, but I wouldn't dare call myself an artist.

I like to roleplay :)

If you are feeling kind, and giving, I would love to trade a story for a story or artwork. If you are feeling it, send me comment or message or something, on this site.

I DO NOT draw or write about female predators or anything gross. (see my likes and dislikes)

I am single and looking, never been given a chance before...I've always been shut down or rejected. It really hurts sometimes, and I try not to think about all the things that have happened to me or been said to me. I'm kind of shy and reserved because of all the hurt.

species Human
gender male from NYC, USA
loves 3D, Action, Adventure likes Abduction, Adolescent, Alligator tolerates Abuse, Adult, Alcohol hates 69, 420, Albino
586 submissions 1,911,389 page views 255 comments received 212 comments posted 10,064 profile views
groups   Cetacean Males
  Exotic Tigers

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Latest Journal posted 11 Apr 2014

When it comes to drawing art for other people and giving gifts. It is fully the right of the artist to draw for whoever they want. They should not be bullied or guilted by other people, even their friends, to draw them a similar picture or just a picture in general because that the artists drew something for someone else. That is abusing a friendship and only using them for their talents. If an artist wants to draw you, they will. There is no law that says they have to, so be grateful when it happens and don't complain when someone gets something that you don't.

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furrydeviant11 15 hours ago
I started watching because you seem to be a progression artist time will tell ^^
ilbv 58 mins ago
Hey that's really nice to hear. I hope I can please ya
joseph89 1 month ago
I can't remember why I watched you but I don't watch someone unless I like their art in some way.
FarmWolf 1 month ago
Happy Birthday!
Riki Sullivan 1 month ago
Happy birthday cutie butt :3
Riki Sullivan 1 month ago
And your birthday is now on my country so happy bday!!! *gives you a cake*
Sabertooth1 1 month ago
Thanks for watching!
Hey, thanks so much for the watch and fave!
ilbv 1 month ago
*blushes shyly* you're welcome, a buff snake like you deserves a watch ^^
Hehe, well, lizard :P but that's all right, I still greatly appreciate it :)
ilbv 1 month ago
oh silly me, sorry about that *blushes shyly and bites lip embarrassed*
jaunfire 2 months ago
Well the art is awesome lol
yerkelayh 5 months ago
Yo thanks for watchin.'
Belic Bear 5 months ago
*the big hungry bear gives you a warm, friendly hug and growls* Thankee thanks for the watch, little one! I'm honored! ;o)
ilbv 5 months ago
*giggles and snuggles the bear's fur but gulps nervously too * Y-youre welcome big guy...
Silvermane77 5 months ago
Thanks for the watch :)